About Fusion Doors

More than just a door manufacturer, Fusion Doors supply and install composite doors throughout the U.K. We were one of the first door companies to trade solely online, and we consider ourselves pioneers in the composite door market. As one of the first door companies to fully embrace modern technology, we have led the way online where others have followed. At Fusion we aim to strip away the jargon and sales patter and get down to what customers really want; a quality product at a great price.

26 Dec
keyless entry : a new dimension to home security

The nightmares that arise from lost keys can be overwhelming, from not knowing where you left them, to worrying whether someone who finds them will know which property they are linked to and deciding on whether costly lock-changing needs to ensue. All of these scenarios can now be firmly left in the past however, with the new keyless entry technology from Yale that can be incorporated in new doors.... [MORE]