What is a composite front doors?

The composite doors that Fusion Doors sells are of the highest quality and will serve you for 35 years or more. They are guaranteed for 10 years so you may ask how we can do this. The door has a timber frame, and that frame is stiffed with a fire retardant composite material that will make the door heavier than the UPVC door.

The frame is coated with a skin back and front, this skin being of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). The skin can be coated with paint in the colour of your choice and will not fade in the sunlight. If the paint that has been applied is of thorough colour then should it be scratched or similar, the blemish can be removed with touch up paint. The composite front doors furniture and locks will be fitted at the factory rather than on site.


The design of composite front doors can be to your choice. Our website allows you, through special software, to build the design on your computer so that you can see your final design. The number and the style of panels are entirely variable with the panels being round, oval or rectangular. The panels can also be of glass that is stained, coloured or patterned. The use of glass is very wise if you need to increase the amount of light in your hallway. The glass is, of course, also the correct safety standard. Having decided on the design you can then add the colour of your choice. If composite front doors are on our software, then we can manufacture it.


The door can be fitted with safety hinges which will stop it being removed from the UPVC steel reinforced frame that it will be fitted to, and to add to the security the latest in locks will be fitted. At Fusion Doors, the new keyless technology is supported and this can be fitted for you.

At Fusion Doors we listen to our customers, so we offer a total design service and ensure that all our composite doors are of the highest quality and are expertly fitted.

Composite Front Doors
Composite Front Doors Composite Front Doors

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