Our residential composite front doors & back doors provide your home with perfection

At Fusion Doors one thing we believe in is quality, and this is reflected in our composite front doors for homes. Our residential doors are the most secure on the market, and have received praise from Police forces across the country thanks to our high quality materials. We believe when customers enquire about new front door for homes they are entitled to know exactly what they are ordering, which is why we have broken down exactly what makes our doors so special. Follow the links above to discover more.

Literally make a great entrance with one of our composite front doors

Here at Fusion Doors, we pride ourselves on providing customers from all over the UK with doors which are well built, swiftly installed, and equipped with the most reliable security features. All these qualities, we also bring to our composite front doors, giving you peace of mind when it comes to replacing what is surely the most important door of your entire property.

It also means that, when browsing our impressive selection of entrance doors, you can spend less time poring over lengthy product specifications and fretting about what particular features you should have for your new front door, and so can instead spend more time simply fussing over its physical appearance. Such important features as a reliable locking system and high thermal efficiency come as standard with every single one of our composite front doors.

But why are these features so important? Allow us to explain. Given that most burglars attempt to illegitimately enter a house through its front door, it should go without saying that your front door should be equipped with the highest quality security features available. Fortunately, every one of our composite front doors includes a locking system courtesy of Yale, one of the world's leading manufacturers of security products.

Furthermore, you will want a front door which provides true value for money in keeping your property sufficiently warm, especially during the winter months. Thankfully, our entrance doors come up trumps in this respect, too, as they all come with advanced thermal efficiency features. These ensure that more heat is kept within your property's walls, thus keeping you warm while trimming the cost of your energy bills.

So, you can now get on with choosing an entrance door from our range the appearance of which complements that of the rest of your property. We are certainly proud of the diversity of front door designs that we have available - and you can see why for yourself, thanks to the digital tool on our website which allows you to mix and match designs and colours for doors and frames with ease.

So, composite front doors which are secure, energy-efficient and pleasant to look at - that's what we stock at Fusion Doors. And we have plenty of satisfied customers who can vouch for this - as you can see for yourself on the respected consumer reviews website Trustpilot. Don't hesitate to call or email us to ask any remaining queries about our range of high quality entrance doors.

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